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DAVID-laserscanner 3.10
Incredibly Low-Cost 3D Scanner for Everyone!

  • Automotive / inspection

  • Forensics / preservation of evidence

  • Medicine / postural deformities

  • Biometrics / data acquisition

The DAVID software allows you to build your own 3D scanner
with your webcam plus a line laser or a video projector.
Of course, industrial cameras and high-quality lasers or special projectors give much better results.

However, our complete 3D scanner packages offer easier and faster solutions.
They bundle well-proven hardware and software components at unbeatable prices:

Complete 3D Scanner Packages

The DAVID SLS-2 is our no. 1 recommendation!
It is fast, flexible and mobile, and creates most accurate and detailed 3D scans.

This package contains an industrial camera with HQ lens, a video projector with special optics, precise calibration panels, a tripod for flexible setup... and of course the DAVID Pro Edition software.

DAVID Starter-Kit
Our DAVID Starter-Kit allows you to scan objects with a hand-held line laser. The price-performance ratio is unbeatable!

This kit contains our favorite HD webcam, a high-quality line laser module with adjustable focus, calibration panels in different sizes, and the DAVID Pro Edition software.


Both technologies, Laser Scanning (LS) and Structured Light Scanning (SLS), can provide excellent results. However, LS will never reach the speed and mobility (in case of laser moved by hand) of SLS. Other features (like accuracy) depend on the used hardware.
With the DAVID Starter-Kit and the DAVID SLS-2 we have two very carefully balanced (costs vs. performance) kits. The following feature comparison might help you make your choice:

Scan Field Sizes 30mm - 400mm 60mm - 500mm
Accuracy ~0.5% of scan field size ~0.1% of scan field size
Single Scan Time 10-40s 2-4s
Handling / Comfort + +++
Mobility + (modular setup) +++ (scanner on tripod)
Texturing yes (color) yes (color)
Price (incl. VAT) € 499.00 € 2320.50

More Information
david laserscanner
I'd like to see some results before buying or building anything!

You will find some amazing results in our gallery.
For laser scanning, you can download DAVID and use a test video file (choose Video Grabber) instead of a real camera, so you will have 3D data within a minute.

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