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2007-06-21 - DAVID update V1.4
Better and better every time...
We have just released DAVID-Laserscanner and DAVID-Shapefusion Version 1.4.

Once again, you will find some useful improvements:

The new version allows you to grab textures and to view the texturized model in 3D. DAVID-Shapefusion loads and displays the texture when you add a scan. A texture fusion is still under construction.

DAVID-Shapefusion 1.4 now includes an OBJ-, PLY-, and a new STL-export filter. STL stands for "Standard Tessellation Language" and is a common 3d format that can be imported e.g. by many CNC milling machines.

Furthermore, you will find a new experimental "thin shadow line" mode for using a shadow line instead of a laser line, and many more improvements like an FPS indicator and buttons inside of the 3D window.

Good scanning!