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2007-12-17 - DAVID update V1.6
New DAVID Version 1.6:

1. Scan alignment mode \"Rotation around axis\" allows
to specify a known angle of rotation (useful in conjunction with a turn table).

2. Command File Interpreter in DAVID-Shapefusion: You can script theShapefusion procedure and let it run without any user interaction.

3. Laser plane calculation is now more precise even with strong lens distortions.

4. \"Fast\" scanning mode (may increase scanning speed on slow PCs without loss of precision).

Additionally we have updated the \"AngelScan\" video, which you can use to test DAVID without needing your own setup. We have created the new video with better camera and laser hardware, so it shows much better what great results can be obtained with DAVID!

And don\'t forget to have a look into our new DAVID Laser Shop! here you will find inexpensive line laser modules, which have proven to be perfectly suitable for laser scanning with DAVID.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!