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2008-07-12 - DAVID Version 2.0!
After more than 6 months of work, DAVID Version 2.0 is finally available!

These are the most significant new features:

Texture Fusion: Now DAVID can not only grab textures for each scan, but also align and fuse the textures along with the scans!

Improved Comfort: DAVID 2.0 remembers the different camera settings for calibration, scanning, and texture grabbing, thus you do not need to adjust them again and again! Also you can forward your scans directly to Shapefusion with only one click. In Shapefusion you can combine and un-combine scans for easier handling. Et cetera...

Multi-Language Support: In addition to the English version, the user interface and the user manual of DAVID are now available in French, German, and Italian. A Spanish version is coming soon!

Manual cleaning tool: This tool allows you to remove undesired surface parts from your scans very easily with your mouse.

Increased maximal resolution of Simple and Poisson fusion.

New design: Looks great! And the new colored Scan Result window gives a better impression of the scan quality already during scanning.

A full list of changes can be found in "changes.txt" which is included in the download as usual.

Furthermore, as an alternative to the download version of DAVID, you can now choose to buy DAVID on a 1 GB USB flash drive. This allows you to carry DAVID around with you and start it directly from the USB drive on any computer!

Always have a good scan!

Simon & Sven