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2008-10-17 - DAVID Version 2.1
DAVID Version 2.1 is available for download now! It contains the following
new features and improvements:

*Global Fine Registration*: This function can improve the overall alignment
of multiple scans. It aligns all scans to each other, trying to find a
global optimum.

*Alignment Texture Support*: Texture can be used to facilitate automatic
scan alignment. This helps to auto-align surfaces that have no remarkable

*Undo and Redo*: All scan alignment actions can be undone any time (Coarse
Registration, Fine Registration, Global Fine Registration, manual scan

*Advanced Settings Menu*: Lots of parameters can be configured now, so
experienced users can adopt DAVID to their requirements - e.g. defining
special scanning setups with freely configurable background planes.

*Improved Manual Cleaning Tool*: A polygonal selection mode and selection
inversion let you remove undesired mesh parts more comfortably.

*Reduced Memory Consumption*: DAVID can handle even more and higher
resolution scans for alignment and fusion.

*Portuguese Translation*: Dialogues and menus are now available in English,
German, French, Italian, and new: Portuguese.

*And many more*: Lots of small improvements, some bugfixes...
A full list of changes can be found in the file "changes.txt" which is
included in the download as usual.

How to Update

DAVID 2.1 can be downloaded here:

*Free Edition*: Just download and start the new version.

*Professional Edition*: Simply download the new version and re-use your 2.0
license file.

*Professional USB Edition*: You can download and copy the new version to
your DAVID USB Flash Drive, overwriting most of the old files. Please take
a look at this page for details:


There are always great scan results and interesting discussions
to be found in our forum:
To get a quick impression of what is going on, take a look at
our User Gallery!

Have a lot of fun and success with our software!

Simon & Sven