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2008-12-20 - DAVID Version 2.2

* New DAVID Version 2.2
* How to Update

New DAVID Version 2.2

DAVID Version 2.2 is available for download now! Here is a list of the main new features and improvements:

*Easier Use, Especially for Beginners*:
* The scanned data are now filtered automatically. When you change
the filter settings, you will see their effect directly in 3D.
* A magnifying glass in the live camera image helps you to adjust
camera and laser focus (toggle with left mouse button).
* DAVID now comes in a convenient Windows installer.

*Multi-Language Interface*:
DAVID's user interface and user manual are available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and new: Polish!

*Scan Without Background*:
Under certain conditions, DAVID can now scan without background planes! However, you will need a precisely repeatable laser motion, e.g. by using a motor-driven laser or by projecting a moving line with a video projector. The basic procedure, pros and cons, and some important remarks about using this feature can be found in this user manual page:

There are some more improvements and bugfixes included in the new version, so an update (both Free and Professional Edition) is definitely recommended! See the complete list of changes here:

How to Update

Of course the update is free for all owners of a 2.x license.
DAVID 2.2 can be downloaded here:

*Free Edition*: Just download, install, and start the new version.

*Professional Edition*: Simply download and install the new version and re-use your previous 2.x license file.

*Professional USB Edition*: You can download and copy the new version to your DAVID USB Flash Drive, overwriting most of the old files. Please take a look at this page for details:

We wish everyone a lot of fun and success with our software, and of course a Happy New Year! :-)

Simon & Sven