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2009-02-26 - StarterKit and V2.3

* DAVID Starter-Kit Available!
* New DAVID Version 2.3

DAVID Starter-Kit Finally Available!

High-precision 3D scanning at an unbeatable price! We proudly present the DAVID Starter-Kit, a package that contains everything you need to set up
your own 3D Scanner:
* The best webcam we could find
* A great, wireless line laser module with high-quality optics and adjustable focus
* Precise, solid calibration panels in different sizes
* and of course DAVID-Laserscanner software (full Professional Edition) on a USB flash drive

New DAVID Version 2.3

DAVID Version 2.3 is available for download now! It has some improvements that are interesting both for beginners and experts:

Small but useful: Scan Quality Feedback.
One of the major difficulties for beginners is adjusting the camera settings like exposure and focus. Now DAVID helps you optimize these parameters by showing an evaluation of the image and laser line quality during scanning. Just try it! See manual pages for details.

For Professionals: DAVID controls your motor-driven laser. As introduced in our last newsletter, it is helpful to move the laser by motor. This is more convenient, and allows you to scan without background panels.
Now,DAVID is able to control your laser by sending some configurable commands through a (virtual) COM port.
For the time being, you will have to build some micro-controller based hardware to drive your laser, but we are planning to offer some complete solution in the future.

Thanks to our great community members, the new version offers two more languages. So DAVID\\\'s user interface and user manual are now available in
English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish!

Have Fun!
Simon & Sven