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2009-06-19 - Version 2.4 and new lasers

DAVID Newsletter

* New DAVID Version 2.4.2
* DAVID Starter-Kit and New Line Lasers
* Incredible User Results
* How to Update

New DAVID Version 2.4.2

Finally, the new grabber has found its way into DAVID! It makes DAVID 2.4
compatible to more different cameras and performs faster on most hardware.
Give it a try!

As usual, there are some more nice improvements both for beginners and
pros, like:

*Increased precision*
We have improved lens un-distortion and calculation of the 3D laser light
plane position, reducing deformations and waviness of scan data.

*Default camera parameters included*
Setting up the camera parameters is one of the most difficult steps
for beginners. For some camera models, DAVID has default parameters that
will help you get started. Of course some adjustments will be necessary,
since every setup is different...

For those who automate their scanning setups, DAVID has improved
capability of communicating over a (virtual) COM port in both directions.
You can control many DAVID functions remotely, or even synchronize single
camera frames to laser motor steps, which is especially interesting for
Scanning Without Background!
Details can be found in the user manual:

*and more*
Please see the complete list in the changelog:

DAVID Starter-Kit and New Line Laser

As presented in our previous newsletter, the DAVID Starter-Kit is
available, and it contains all hardware necessary to set up a 3D Scanner.
Best quality you can get for a price that low!

For those who are building their own setup, we have new battery-driven
line laser modules with adjustable focus in our shop: a green and a red one
(LE532-5-3-F-S, LE650-5-3-F-S).
Our favorite webcam Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 is available at a low price,
including a specially designed stand! And industrial cameras are coming

In the meantime, we have found a large number of distributors all over the
world, so whatever country you live in, there's a good chance that you will
find a reseller close to you. See here:

More details about the Starter-Kit: