The new DAVID SLS-3-HD is now available

What is new? Most important to mention is, there is a lot more scan speed. Now one single scan is two times faster than before - up to only two seconds; depending on the settings and the computer speed. The accuracy rises as well - 0,05% of the scan size / 0,05 mm! With a mesh density of 2,300,000 vertices per scan.

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Do you like to upgrade your SLS-2 in SLS-3? ... WE CAN HELP ...

DAVID Cam 4 Upgrade Kit

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See what is possible with our systems

Simply take a look at our example page. Out of various branches you will find use cases and comparisons.

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The DAVID software in its versions

The DAVID 4 PRO software represents the base of our software and gives you a lot of features to get great scan results.

For industrial use, there is often the possibility needed to take measurements and comparisons - for this the ENTERPRISE edition is created. Furthermore the included DAVID SDK allows you to automate any DAVID feature - with this solution you can give your robots eyes, solve the „Bin-picking-problem“, or simply add powerful quality check to your assembly line.

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Interested in automated scanning?

With the DAVID ENTERPRISE Edition you have full performance to get best results. It contains any feature of the DAVID software with the possibility to automate any scan process with the DAVID Software Development Kit, which is in the software package as well. Use the GUI to develop your scan process, that way you have all features in sight. When you are done, switch simply in DLL mode and make it part of your own software.

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360° scanning fully automated

With DAVID of course it is possible to move the scan object manually step by step to get every angle - but why you should do that? Simply use the TT-1 and scan every angle you want with only one click. Set the degrees and the number of scans as you like. The turntable interacts with DAVID even until the fully automated alignment. One more important feature is, the alignment algorithm takes the rotation angle into account, to get better and faster results.

Once used you will never want to miss!

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Discover the world of 3D scanning

The STARTER-KIT-2 breakes 3D scanning down to the most basic. Interesting to see, how to get such good results with that pretty simple hardware - but there would be nothing without the powerful DAVID software, which brings the hardware to life. Once started as an thesis, this scan system is still significant.
A lot of DAVID users all around the world are great fans of that experimental touch of the STARTER-KIT-2.

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DAVID keeps the limited ressources in sight

New technology is only really future-orientated if it is sustainable too. This is why DAVID always has the environment in mind: our developments make it possible to produce and archive in an appropriate and resource-conserving manner. This helps to significantly reduce the energy consumption produced by transporting storing and industrially producing the various products.

Join us! The DAVID-Forum

The platform for scan experts and users who want to become experts.

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DAVID: Nomen est omen

The name DAVID once came into being, caused by the thought to show those Goliaths of the market, how to get great scan results free from highly expensive 3D scan equipment. We still go that way while permanently increasing the quality and performance of our systems.
We will keep you being impressed of DAVID products! This is our intention and will always be!

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