DAVID for professional use

DAVID SLS-2 – Our number one recommendation

DAVID-SLS-2 - ideal for flights of fantasy: with it, you can scan everything in 3D - from insects to elephants. It works quickly, is mobile, flexibly scalable and easy to handle. The picture quality is razor-sharp because of the high-quality camera and the new HD projector. DAVID-SLS-2 - a giant in performance, a midge in price.

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DAVID opens endless possibilities

With DAVID in wonderland

"Achieving the impossible can only be done if it is seen as possible," said Carroll's famous hatter. We make the impossible possible. DAVID's structured light technology opens up a whole new world in science, industry and the creative sector. In medicine, forensics, dental technology, the automotive sector, spare parts supply, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, automation of production processes and art, architecture, archeology and animation for the film and games industry.

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DAVID for beginner

It does not always have to be the ultimate equipment package. But good nevertheless. And inexpensive. Then the DAVID STARTER-KIT-2 is the perfect solution for your entry into the world of the 3D scanner. Unpack and off you go: everything you need to scan is included in the kit from hand laser, through webcam and calibration plate to software. Now - you only have to use your fantasy.

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DAVID Software 2015

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DAVID for developers

Your own personal DAVID

Do you need an individual solution to adjust and tie our DAVID software to your special system? The DAVID Software Development Kit turns you into the developer. So is it, for example, with the "grab in the box", bin picking, in the production. This is where highly-complex, robot-controlled automation processes take place. Thanks to the use of structured light technology, the robot can now identify and remove precise parts from a container with unsorted objects. This saves time and money. Science fiction you can touch.

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DAVID supports environment protection

Getting the green light

New technology is only really future-orientated if it is sustainable too. This is why DAVID always has the environment in mind: our developments make it possible to produce and archive in an appropriate and resource-conserving manner. This helps to significantly reduce the energy consumption produced by transporting storing and industrially producing the various products. It's a green wave for green technology.

DAVID in social media

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DAVID in forum

Join us! In the DAVID forum

The platform for scan experts and users who want to become experts. Exchange views with other who play with lights.

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DAVID personal

DAVID: Nomen est omen

DAVID Vision Systems: the David that confronts the Goliaths of the industry with wit and resourcefulness. Our trump card is the elaborated software and technology, paired with real pioneering spirit. Behind this is a team of bright minds who are constantly developing new ideas and are refreshingly creative thinkers. We let light do the work. For anyone, for little money. Today, the company, with its headquarters in Koblenz (Germany), is a manufacturer of high-quality structured light scanners and is the HQH world market leader for low-cost 3D laser scanning. DAVID on the road to victory.

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DAVID answers frequent questions

Any questions? DAVID is not shy of giving any answer.

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