The "Scanning" menu provides functions to setup scan parameters, capture new scans including texture, filtering, exporting, and sending them to "Shape Fusion". In the following, the most basic workflow is presented that can be altered by various options:

1. Place scanner

Place the scanner and the object in front of each other, at the same distance as during setup and calibration. With a wrong working distance, the camera image and projected stripes would be blurred. If necessary, correct the distance between object and scanner, but by no means change the focus of camera or projector.

Before each scan please check that the red sine curves are not cropped / overdriven (relevant only in the areas where the wave pattern is visible). If adjustment is necessary, adjust the Projector Brightness in the software.

2. Select pattern parameter profile

Select the pattern parameter profile Quality, Default (recommended) or Speed. This setting affects scan quality and scan time. See also Pattern Parameters.

3. Click "Start"

With each click on Start a new scan is generated. A sequence of patterns is successively projected and recorded. This can take between settings 2-4 seconds or longer. See also SL Scanning for scan options.

Using the mouse, you can change the 3D view onto the object (see 3D Viewer for details). With the Live Camera button in the top toolbar you can return to live video feed.

To assure that multiple scans of the same object can be well combined later, they must overlap sufficiently. You usually will need about 6-8 scans all around the object, maybe plus some angular views of top and bottom. Textures can help later when aligning multiple scans.

4. Filter result

Modify parameters of "Result Filtering" to your need. You will see the filtering result immediately in the 3D Scan view. See also Result Filtering.

5. Transfer result

Export scan or send it for further processing to "Shape Fusion". See also Result Transfer.

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