If you already own an original DAVID Laserscanner 3 Pro license, you can upgrade it to DAVID 3D Scanner 4 Pro for a low price.

Upgrading is software/license installation only - no hardware will be shipped. You can not upgrade from a Single PC license to USB.

1. Install DAVID 3D Scanner 4

  1. USB Edition only: Plug in your original DAVID USB key.
  2. Download and run the DAVID 4 setup installer from Downloads.
  3. At the end of the installation, you will be offered to Upgrade your license. If you don't, you can run DAVID 4 as trial version and upgrade later.

2. Purchase Upgrade Code

Please contact your local reseller.

You will receive an Upgrade Code that looks like this: 12345-D2T3PRO-12345678-ABCDEF

3. Upgrade Your License

For upgrading, your computer requires an Internet connection.

  1. USB Edition only: Plug in your original DAVID USB key.
  2. If you haven't done that yet, install DAVID 4 (see step 1 above).
  3. Start the Upgrader from within DAVID 4: In the "Help" menu, choose License and Version Info, then click the Upgrade DAVID 3 to DAVID 4 license button. The Upgrader may require admin rights.
  4. Fill all info into the License Upgrader window.
  5. Click Start Upgrade.

If you experience any problems, please contact your reseller!